Expanding Horizons
Career at Corrtech

If you are prepared to exhibit a fast learning curve and team-spirit in plenty, the future at CEL for you is promising. CEL is a fun place to work at. We’ve tried our best to build environs, both physically and socially, which cultivate enjoyable working hours. As a young achiever, you would be trusted with leading innovation and participation in the overall business scenarios.

CEL is also about a lot of hard work. We have built a reputation to unfailingly deliver quality, even with quick turnarounds and it is something we value a lot. The spirit to take on such challenges and the persistence to action your ideas, are pre-requisites to succeeding with CEL.

CEL endeavours to invite ambitious individuals with good personality, communication skills and commitment to experience the excitement and rewards of a fast paced career growth along with global exposure.

Team Talent Acquisition
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