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Coating Services
Coating Services

To offer on par coating services, CEL has developed advanced protective coatings for a range of OEM equipment. Our cold coating facility is capable of performing sacrificial coating application for high erosion and corrosion resistance on compressor blades and gas turbine casings.

The current range of coatings (formally approved by Siemens Industrial Turbo machinery Ltd – UK) available are:

The range of coatings available are:

  • IPCOTE IP 9183 R1
  • IPSEAL IP 9184 [KHAKI]
  • XYLAR 101

CEL in association with Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. USA, offers SermaGard 1105 and SermaGard 1280 coatings for Oil & Gas Industrial applications. Praxair Surface Technologies, a fully owned subsidiary of USD 11.2 billion Praxair Group, USA (founded in 1907) is the world’s largest provider of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coatings for industrial applications. CEL with its state-of-the-art coating facility offers such coatings on fasteners and other metal surfaces for offshore as well as onshore installations.