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Component Manufacture
Component Manufacture

CEL manufactures a wide range of high precision components for gas turbines, steam turbines and aero-engines. CEL manufactures a wide range of gas turbine components for GE designed heavy duty industrial gas turbines (Frames 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9) which include:

  • Compressor stator blades along with rings and exit guide vanes
  • Compressor rotor blades
  • Inlet Guide Vanes [IGVs]
  • Fuel nozzle assembly
  • Shroud blocks
    • Standard
    • Super Alloys
  • Combustion parts hardware made from SS and complex material like:
    • Stellite
    • Nimonic 263
  • Overhaul consumables
  • Repair shop consumables
  • Inner barrels for compressor discharge casings
  • Compressor and turbine casings.

CEL also manufactures customized products through reverse engineering for its different clients across the globe for all Original Equipment Manufacturers [OEMs]