Expanding Horizons
Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Profile
  • BOD & Committees
  • Brief Profile of our Directors
  • Codes & Policies
    • Nomination and Remuneration Policy
    • Code of Conduct of Board & Senior Management
    • Policy of Making Payments to Non-Executive Directors
    • Terms & conditions of Appointment of Independent Directors
    • Corporate Social Responsibility Committees
    • Policy for Determination & Disclosure of Materiality of Events or Information
    • Policy on Code of Practices and Procedures for Fair Disclosure of UPSI
    • Policy on Materiality of Related Party Transactions
    • Policy for prevention of Insider Trading
    • Whistle Blower Policy
    • Archival Policy
    • Policy for Preservation of Documents
    • Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment
    • Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors
    • Policy on Identification of Group Companies, Material Creditors and Material Litigations
  • Offer Document
Financials Result & Reports
Stock Exchange
  • Other Disclosures/Announcements
  • Disclosures – Reg. 30
  • Notice & Updates
Shareholding Pattern
Board Meetings
General Meetings
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Extra-Ordinary General Meeting
  • Postal Ballot Notice
Investor Grievance Redressal details